About – Sweep Your State

Hello Fellow Sweepstakes Enthusiast!

You are:

  • Wanting to win more prizes
  • Get those exciting “Congratulations!” emails more often
  • Searching for a listing of local sweepstakes to save you time from endless searching
  • And best of all, you want that listing to be free!

I am right there with you. That is why I have created this listing of sweepstakes and contests available by state, all at no charge to you. Because who wants to pay for a membership service to have access to similar listings?

Sweep Your State offers:

  • One of the only free listings by state/region (less people able to enter = better odds for you)
  • Tips to win more – I’m sure we can all get onboard with that idea!
  • Hobby related support and chatter in the Facebook page

Whether you are brand new to this idea of entering sweepstakes or you are a 20 year veteran, I invite you to join the Sweep Your State community in this corner of the internet. I primarily offer a listing of sweepstakes that are limited to a certain state or smaller groups of states- making them more winnable because there are less people that can enter them. Most other services like this are private, for fee-paying members only. Sweep Your State has enhanced value with hobby related posts and tips to get sweepers winning more prizes, more often.

Want to save time searching for these elusive sweepstakes or contests? You have come to the right place- lets get winning!

My name is Allie and I have a knack (and passion) for finding sweepstakes that might other wise be hard to find and are limited by residency on who can enter them.

How did that all come about?

Eight years ago I was a newlywed living in Florida and I got an email from Victoria’s Secret encouraging me to enter their instant win game. I was so excited at the chance to win something. I had no idea how bad my odds were on that game, and I thought my choice in the game actually affected the outcome. I didn’t win, but it did inspire me to think “If they are offering this chance to win, I bet other companies are too.” I took to Google and started searching for sweepstakes. One of my initial finds was an instant win for Starkist Tuna. I won a pack of tuna (woo-hoo, right?!) and I was totally hooked.

Fast forward eight years, I am now a mom living in the Midwest and I am still totally hooked. I have learned all about this hobby and put together much smarter lists of sweepstakes to enter these days. I am a freelancer who decided it was time to share my passion and start my own blog. I’ve been wishing there was a free listing on state or regional sweepstakes for years, and have finally decided to take matters into my own hands and offer just that for the Sweep Your State community.

I am glad you are here and hope you enjoy the listing. I will do my best to keep it up-to-date and provide a great list of winnable sweepstakes for you. In the meantime, I invite you to come on over and like the Facebook page for Sweep Your State so you can get timely updates and join in hobby related chatter.

Thanks for stopping by, I truly appreciate it!